Below are the API endpoints use to perform both PAC and PMC transaction,

The API definition for both PAC and PMC is same and below,


Content-TypeStringUse value 'application/json'
AcceptStringUse value 'application/json'
x-api-versionStringUse value 1
KeyStringAPI key


moneyObjecttrueThe Object containing two String attributes: amount and currency of the transfer
descriptionStringOptionalDescription for this transfer which min character is 1 and max characters are 25
expiryDateStringtrueCard expiry date
sourceAccountStringtrueAccount number from which the amount of money will be debited
traceIdStringtrueUnique transaction identifier. You can assign any value
cardNumberStringtrueCard number. Your business contact can provide more test numbers
1. USD 4670 1253 3973 2535
2. EUR 4532 0013 1173 7685
3. GBP 4929 8243 3119 8286
4. INR 5316 6240 2619 0070
cardHolderCountryCodeStringtrueCard holder country code (ISO 3166-1)
cardHolderNationalityStringtrueCard holder nationality (ISO 3166-1)
cardHolderAddressStringOptionalCard holder address
cardNameStringtrueName on card
cardHolderEmailStringOptionalCard holder email (this is required by our processors)
dobStringtrueDate of birth of the card holder. Format: YYYY-MM-DD
cardHolderStreetStringConditionalMandatory when card holder country code is either Canada (CA) or United States(US)
cardHolderCityStringConditionalMandatory when card holder city is either Canada (CA) or United States(US)
cardHolderStateStringConditionalMandatory when card holder state is either Canada (CA) or United States(US)


amountNumbertrueTransaction value
currencyStringtrueCurrency code (ISO 4217)