PayAnyCard(PAC) / PayMyCard(PMC)

1. What is PAC & PMC ?

The Pay Any Card and Pay My Card solutions are a straightforward way for merchants to perform instant card payouts to their clients.

Which cards does it covers ?

This solution covers all cards in all countries except the ones indicated on our website under the heading Non- Serviced / Banned Countries in the following link:

How does it work ?

These are the steps involved when performing a Pay Any Card/Pay My Card call:

  1. Merchant performs API call
  2. MiFinity responds with a transaction reference
  3. MiFinity sends the request to the acquirer
  4. Acquirer sends the request to the bank
  5. Bank credits the money on the card

Funds are generally processed onto the card in under a minute (instant) if using Visa Direct, otherwise funds are processed within 2 business days. Please check with your integration team regarding Visa Direct.