Getting Started with iFrame

The MiFinity iFrame allows the merchants to offer a payment solution to their clients. Once integrated by the merchant, this platform provides the client different means by which funds can be transferred to the merchant. Clients can pay via the existing eWallet balance, via a card payment or other local payment options. In order to understand how this works, it’s best to go through the flow overview from a client’s perspective:

Step 1: Registration

The client’s registration is done via the details passed by the merchant. All that the client needs to do is provide an email address and confirm the existing data shown within the screen.

Step 2: Payment

After registration is done, the user is within the MiFinity account. At this stage, the user has the initial options of either paying via a card by entering the card details, or via a local banking option.

Step 3: Done

The simplistic flow then brings the client back to the merchant’s page. The funds are credited to the merchant’s account immediately.

Once the API key and the AccountHolderID are at hand, you have all the necessary keys in place to start performing API calls to MiFinity.

The below API is used to receive initialization token for SGPG iframe. Token should be used in 30 minutes, otherwise it will expire.

HTTP Request