Notification Management.

Our Notification Management allows the account holder to receive real time automatic notifications in the form of API callbacks related to a transaction, thus informing the account holder whether a transaction was successful or failed. These are applicable for the following types of transactions:

  • Account To Account transactions.
  • Pay Any Bank (PAB) transactions.
  • Pay Any Card (PAC) / Pay My Card(PMC) transactions.

From your end, you need to provide MiFinity with your callback URLs, so that the team can whitelist the URL and configure it.

Note that the design on how to develop the callback logic is up to your development team. You can either define different callback URL’s and handle the logic separately, or you can provide us with a single endpoint and handle the logic within that endpoint for both cases (success or failure).


For eWallet deposits, the callback URL is configured within the returnUrl/errorUrl within the init-iframe.


For WD(account to account and PayAnyBank) we configure the URL on our end.