Notification callbacks for withdrawals

Upon finalizing the withdrawal transaction, we will perform an API callback to confirm the status of the transaction. Kindly use this callback as the final indication that the payment was performed successfully.

We will send the callbacks upon successful or failed transaction. Our callbacks are linked to the transaction status.

You can either provide us with different URLs such that the transaction success or transaction failure are separated, or you can provide us with one URL and handle the different cases from within your logic.


Kindly send us your callback URL (for demo and for prod) such that we can whitelist and configure it on our end.

Callback structure

The notification callback structure is the below :-

  "postedOn": null,
  "money": {
    "amount": 250,
    "currency": "EUR",
    "presentationAmount": "EUR250.00"
  "source": "5001000001212099",
  "destination": "5001000001219615",
  "description": "Test Acc-to-acc",
  "transactionStatus": 3,
  "transactionStatusDescription": "Submitted",
  "traceId": "traceid dfafhdjkfhdaskjfhnduaf",
  "transactionReference": "b814efb2-f07d-487a-a814-4cd5195bc66d",
  "eventTypeDescription": "Account to Account Transfer",
  "createdOn": "2023-10-11T15:21:25.335Z",
  "arn": null,
  "paymentCategoryType": "GAMING_PAYOUT",
  "externalReference": null,
  "sourceEmail": null,
  "merchantCompanyName": null,
  "additionalInfo": null,
  "errorMessage": null

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