Notification Callbacks

Whenever a transaction is successful (status SUBMITTED), rejected (status REJECTED) or processed by our acquirer (PROCESSED_BY_ACQUIRER), we can send an HTTP JSON notification callback to confirm the status of the transaction. Kindly use this callback as the final indication that the payment was performed successfully.

This means that for a successful transaction, you will receive 2 notifications. The first one is when the transaction is in status SUBMITTED (this is when the movement of funds happen). The second one is the confirmation which normally happens the next day during the reconciliation process. This is sent to provide you with the ARN.

You would need to specify to our integration team ([email protected]) the endpoint/s required, for both Demo and PROD. The design of how you consume the callbacks is up to your development team. You can either have one endpoint and differentiate the success/fail response from within your internal logic, or you can specify a separate endpoint for each. Please ensure that the status 200 is returned (no response body needed).

The notification callback structure is the below:

  "postedOn": null,
  "money": {
    "amount": 50,
    "currency": "EUR",
    "presentationAmount": "EUR50.00"
  "source": "5001000001212099",
  "destination": "Card. Currency GBP for Sherlock Holmes(492982XXXXXX8286)",
  "description": "Test PAC",
  "transactionStatus": 6,
  "transactionStatusDescription": "Rejected",
  "traceId": "traceid -123-321dsadas",
  "transactionReference": "dc4fe8e3-1768-4440-b0fb-dda47e967f47",
  "eventTypeDescription": "Pay Any Card",
  "createdOn": "2023-10-10T14:38:05.033Z",
  "arn": null,
  "paymentCategoryType": "GAMING_PAYOUT",
  "externalReference": null,
  "sourceEmail": null,
  "merchantCompanyName": "MiFinity",
  "additionalInfo": null,
  "errorMessage": "No account found"
postedOnStringDefault value: null
moneyObjectContaining amount (Decimal), currency(String) and presentationAmount(String)
sourceStringSource Account Number
destinationStringDestination Account Number
transactionStatusIntegerTransaction status
descriptionStringDescription for this transaction
traceIdStringTrace id of original request
transactionReferenceStringTransaction reference
eventTypeDescriptionStringPay My Card, Pay Any Card, Pay Any Bank, Account to Account Transfer, Coupon Transfer
createdOnDataTimeDate Time for the transaction
arnStringAcquirer Reference Number. Default value : null
paymentCategoryTypeStringContaining the category type
errorMessageStringThe reason of failure of the transaction


Note: Please ignore any additional fields passed within this response.